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Driving Economic Growth and Sustainability: The EU-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement

In a world marked by shifting trade dynamics and evolving sustainability standards, the recent signing of the EU-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (FTA) brings forward a new era of economic cooperation. At Gedeth Network, we recognize the profound implications of this landmark agreement, not just for businesses but also for global efforts towards a more […]

Renewable Energy and Clean Tech Take Center Stage at GENERA 2024

Exploring Innovation and Sustainability From February 6th to February 8th, Spain witnessed a convergence of innovation, sustainability, and economic development at GENERA, the Feria Internacional de Energía y Medioambiente. This event, hailed as the largest commercial platform for the renewable energy and cleantech industry, garnered support from key entities such as the Instituto para la […]

3 High Performing Sectors to Look Out for in 2024 

In the unfolding narrative of technological evolution, 2024 emerges as a pivotal chapter for Artificial Intelligence (AI), propelling the sector into a leading role. The coming year promises a tapestry of advancements, challenges, and transformative opportunities, redefining the contours of our work, industries, and daily lives. AI: From Mainstream to Omnipresence Having permeated the mainstream […]

Unlocking Investment Opportunities in the Dominican Republic’s Thriving Tourism Sector

The Dominican Republic stands out as a jewel in the Central American and Caribbean region, attracting investors with its vibrant economy and unparalleled growth. Prior to the pandemic, it held the position as one of the fastest-growing economies in Latin America, Central America, and the Caribbean, trailing only behind Panama. With an average annual growth […]

Market Summary – Puerto Rico

Despite facing challenges in recent years, Puerto Rico is bouncing back, offering investors a chance to be part of its revival , and charting a course toward economic rejuvenation, creating a fertile ground for those looking to partake in its growth. From substantial investments in critical infrastructure to a thriving manufacturing sector, robust import/export capabilities, […]

Challenges and Opportunities in International Trade: Exploring How Technology is Transforming International Commerce

In the ever-evolving landscape of international trade, staying ahead of the curve is essential for companies seeking to expand their global reach. In recent years, the integration of cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and automation, has revolutionized the way businesses conduct international transactions. This blog post aims to examine the challenges and opportunities […]

5 Obstáculos para la Internacionalización: Navegando los Desafíos Legales y Regulatorios en su Expansión Global

Ampliar un negocio en mercados extranjeros puede ser un emprendimiento lucrativo, pero no está exento de desafíos. Las empresas que buscan expandirse internacionalmente se enfrentan a una multitud de obstáculos legales y regulatorios que varían significativamente de una nación a otra. Comprender cómo funcionan los sistemas impositivos en diferentes regiones y ser capaz de navegar […]

Insurtech – Spain

1. What is Insurtech? In the ever-evolving landscape of the insurance industry, the emergence of Insurtech has ushered in a transformative wave of innovation and disruption. But what exactly is Insurtech, and how is it reshaping the world of insurance? How do cutting-edge digital technologies play a role in this transformation? What challenges do Insurtech […]

 Renewable Energy in Spain: Next Generation EU and Beyond.

In the quest for a sustainable future, Spain is emerging as an inspiring model of progress. The nation is witnessing a profound transformation driven by substantial investments in renewable energy, supported by the European Union’s Next Generation EU program. With a dedicated allocation of €65 billion, Spain is leading a green revolution that aims to […]