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Internet of Things in Ireland

Internationalization is key for Internet of Things (IoT) companies. Few sectors are as globalised as that, and companies that want to be competitive need to think of their activities in a world level, whether they are planning sales, purchases or tech partners.

 Internacionalización de internet de las cosas en IrlandaOn May 13 I attended the Irish Internet of Things event that Enterprise Ireland organised in Dublin. We are thankful to Enterprise Ireland and Raúl Marigorta for the invitation. Several people in Gedeth Network have lived in Ireland, a country that we love for its beauty, the warmth of its people and its dynamic society.

IrlandaEnterprise Ireland is a state agency whose goal is the promotion of four axes in Irish companies and economy: internationalization, productivity, innovation and strategy. It sees R&D and exports as connected activities, not separate. As we know, this is a pervasive philosophy in Ireland, a country intensely focused on innovation. That’s why the country has progressed from a poor country in European standards to one of the most advanced. The Celtic Tiger, although not without problems (like the real estate bubble that led to a financial crisis), is still an example of reorienting and modernising an economy. The most recent result is the new export record in 2014, an impressive 10% growth from the previous year.

The event was focused on Internet of Things, a sector in which Ireland can boast a cluster a young startups strongly focused on innovation and a handful of multinationals stablished in Ireland. Keynotes and debates dealt with subjects such as artificial intelligence, data analysis or M2M communications. Afterwards there was a round of 1-to-1 meetings among the companies, who came from countries as diverse as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Canada, South Africa, Portugal, Spain and Ireland.

We hope that the global reach of Gedeth and our strong links to Europe and Latin America have proven useful to Irish companies. Developing relationships with countries who are bleeding edge in technology is one of our essential goals.