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Spanish wine and food in Australia

Spanish wine and food in AustraliaA delegation of nine leading Spanish wine and food producers will be in Australia from Monday 31 August-Monday 7 September representing the Castilla-La Mancha region at the inaugural Australia Trade Tasting event in Melbourne & Sydney. The delegation is sponsored, and accompanied by representatives from the Foreign Trade and Investment Institute of Castilla-La Mancha (IPEX), and organised by Gedeth Network.

Castilla-La Mancha, the biggest wine producing region in the world, lies south east of the Spanish capital of Madrid. A symbol of Spanish history and culture, this land of the legendary Spanish protagonist Don Quixote, is an eminent producer of agri-food products with a grand tradition of viticulture and viniculture.

The producers will be exhibiting and providing tastings at the Australia Trade Tasting events and during a Masterclass, exclusive to the trade show. This will provide the opportunity for buyers to sample the distinctive flavours of the Castilla-La Mancha terroir together: the wine making styles complemented by high quality food products including icons of the Spanish palate such as Ibérico ham, chorizo, Manchego cheese, organic olive oils, saffron, paprika and a selection of chocolates.

In Gedeth Network we are aware of the opportunities that Australia can offer to Spanish companies. After 24 years of continuous growth -even in times of crisis- Australia has become the 12th largest world economy. It has an open market where foreign products are welcome, with educated and demanding consumers that boast a high purchasing power.

Although the Australian society has reduced consumption of spirits, owing to a widespread shift toward a healthier lifestyle, wine demand is growing, partly at the expense of its main competitor: beer. Australia is the fifth largest wine consumer outside Europe, with 30 litres consumption per capita.

Regarding foodstuffs, Australia has an experimental and lively culinary scene. A very multicultural population has inspired an unparalleled fusion cuisine. Fresh produce and gourmet foods are in high demand.

That’s why we believe that top-quality products from Castilla-La Mancha will be welcomed by Australian buyers.

For us, this trade mission fits into the growth of our Australian activities and the planned opening of our first foreign branch in that country. We feel that for a company focused on the internationalisation of the economy, opening its first subsidiary in the most distant country in the world is revealing of a true international spirit.

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