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We’ll be at the Mobile World Congress to be impressed

Mobile World Congress 2016Impressed? Yes, because technology is the biggest source of admiration in our time. Researchers, developers and companies create new and unexpected technologies to make life and work easier. And the Mobile World Congress is an impressive showcase for technological development. That’s why we will attend the congress for a third consecutive year.

Our previous participations in the congress let us know and meet many companies from different countries, discover European cooperation projects that support innovation in our continent, and promote international business cooperation, which is the reason Gedeth exists.

Technology is a key factor for every sectorOur clients include many companies that are either innovative users of technology applied to their sectors of activity, or producers that create new technology with global potential. The small and medium enterprise, with a tight and specialized team, that is focused in developing an innovative service, is a kind of business that has thrived even during the financial crisis of the last years.

Most importantly, technology is relevant beyond the so-called technology sector, it has become a key factor for every economic sector without any exception. For example, we at Gedeth Network worked during Summer 2015 to help some Spanish companies take their first step in the Australian market. These companies worked in the oldest sector in any economy: agriculture and animal breeding for food production. But, in Australia, both we and the companies emphasized the high technological level of their work, their premises and their processes: it was technology and innovation that enabled them to produce exquisite gourmet products. Technology is relevant for every activity, and it’s an essential factor for companies that plan to grow, nationally and internationally.