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Panel discussion: the roles and challenges of the future

A post by our Junior Consultant, Laura Pérez, on the panel discussion that took place on February 16th about the role of companies, societies and individuals facing the challenges of the future.

We are in a time of continuous change and both individuals and companies must be prepared to adapt to all the challenges we will face in the future. Technology may seem one of these challenges, but in reality, it is a means to help us solve problems and improve productivity. Professionals Sandra Martínez, Jorge Calvo, Juan Pastor Bustamante, Daniel Truran and Marianella Hernández participated in a debate on the importance of the roles of the future and provided us some very interesting points of view and ideas.

Education and digital health

Thanks to technology it will be possible to reach students in a more personalized way while teachers will have to learn how to give students enough tools to develop future jobs that currently do not even exist. Educating and developing computational thinking will also be fundamental for the future and will allow us to be more collaborative and empathetic. On the other hand, it will also be extremely important to educate in digital critical thinking in order to be able to identify fake news, which we will have to face daily in the future. Similarly, we must promote digital health by raising awareness of the consequences and repercussions that could result from the durability of digital data and excessive information.


There is no innovation without creativity, develop the creative profile through leadership: creativity will play an increasingly important role in the economy and it will be essential to renew and develop the ability to create in order not to be replaced by a machine. We are already living a revolution of the intangibles. The best way to develop the creative profile in a company is through leadership, and in the future the figure of the creativity facilitator will be essential to generate a creative ecosystem where everyone can look for the solutions of the future. Today we can already begin to train ourselves in creativity with a long-term strategy.

The importance of sustainability

In order for a company to survive in the future, it is essential to start being renewable and sustainable now. For moral reasons and also in terms of attracting funds, responding to demand or facing laws, which will become stricter every day and if we do not prepare ourselves in advance we will be left behind.

The importance of personal and digital branding

Human capabilities are increasingly valued and the impact of each individual in their sector is what is adding value. For economic growth to take place, we will have to work first on human growth with leadership and social influence and the ability to connect and create new digital communities.

Anticipation strategies

In the changing and vulnerable environment in which we are living, it is increasingly important to anticipate and adapt to changes. Using methodologies and tools we will be able to identify the signs of change and anticipate them, thus becoming more prepared to take the right steps towards the future: future thinking. This will enable us to think reflectively, informed, and see how the challenges will affect us in a few years to be prepared as professionals for the future.


The importance of connection, collaboration and well-being in a company: The well-being of people within a company will be vital to develop and implement creativity and to release the maximum capabilities of each individual. Decision-making capacity must be distributed, and collaboration must be encouraged. By creating an environment in which everyone feels involved and connects with each other it is certain that a company will have the best possible functioning and performance.

If you need help to start facing some of these challenges that will lead to many changes in the future, do not hesitate to contact us!