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Incentives to promote energy efficiency in Madrid

Eficiencia energética

A summary of the event “Aids and how to reach them. The future starts today and near you”, discussing the incentives to promote energy efficiency which will be offered by the Community of Madrid and to whom they will be addressed.

The president of the Danish Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Marianne Koefoed chaired last February 11 the event: “Aids and how to reach them. The future starts today and near you” in which Gedeth participated. This event centered around the various incentives offered by the European Union and how they will be used to promote sustainability and energy efficiency.

Some of the main challenges that companies are currently facing and that both the European Union and Spain want to promote include the green/energy transition and digitalization. To this end, both Spain and the EU have created numerous and important incentives to facilitate these necessary transitions, which will allow companies to modernize equipment and improve energy efficiency.

These incentives are managed by the Directorate-General of Industry, Energy, and Mines, the Community of Madrid Energy Foundation, and IDAE, the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving.

Incentives from the Directorate-General of Industry, Energy, and Mines include the following:

  1. Modernization of industrial areas.
  2. Implementation of industries in rural areas.
  3. Implementation of management systems (environmental management, information security management, energy management, quality management, etc.)
  4. Energy efficiency in SMEs and large companies in the industrial sector: if your company is going to carry out actions that may contribute to energy saving and involve an investment, it is likely that you are entitled to this aid, which could cover up to a 50% of the expenses for small companies and a 30% for large companies.
  5. Preparation of industrial companies against COVID-19 and other agents and elements harmful to the health of workers: for those companies or professionals that must acquire or manufacture protection equipment against COVID and other agents and elements harmful to health.

The Community of Madrid Energy Foundation will offer the following incentives:

  1. Program for Energy Rehabilitation of Buildings (PREE)
  2. Efficient and sustainable mobility (MOVES II)
  3. Renovation Plan (Plan Renove) for boiler rooms
  4. Renovation Plan (Plan Renove) for elevators
  5. Renovation Plan (Plan Renove) for windows
  6. Renovation Plan (Plan Renove) for appliances

This assistnace may be useful for communities of neighbors, companies, offices and even individuals, provided that the objective is the replacement of any of the above-mentioned elements by other, more eco-friendly/sustainable products.

The following programs will be managed by IDAE:

  1. Thermal energy production facilities with renewable energy sources.
  2. Electrical energy generation facilities with renewable energy sources.
  3. Sustainable Urban Development.

Next Generation EU funds are also arriving and will be managed for the distribution of new assistance.

One of the priorities of the Community of Madrid is to increase energy rehabilitation, energy self-consumption and sustainable mobility, which would be very profitable for both companies and the community. The future is increasingly moving away from energy dependence. Energy efficiency must also be prioritized globally. This is a very good opportunity to renovate facilities and modernize equipment and currently there are very few aids that can provide so much benefit to companies. Take advantage of the very high potential and the abundant funds of these grants and submit your projects as soon as possible!

Do you want to know if you are eligible for any of these incentives? Contact us to find out!