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Artificial Intelligence to put a stop to Covid

Artificial intelligence is one of the most promising initiatives for the future. In this post we tell you about the main fields in which it has been used recently.

The development and use of artificial intelligence during the global coronavirus pandemic has seen unprecedented growth. Its implementation in our daily lives has allowed, in many cases, to control and stop the spread of the virus. In addition, the use of AI in the healthcare sector has been essential to deal with the virus and find solutions in the most efficient way. Artificial intelligence is present in a large number of sectors (education, construction, agriculture…), but three business lines stand out in the fight against COVID-19.


AI has an important presence in the early detection of COVID, as well as in asymptomatic patients or in case of negative PCRs. 

Through the use of Deep Learning, medical professionals can predict whether a person is likely to suffer from COVID. This technology makes it possible to create networks of artificial neurons whose function is to detect specific characteristics of what they analyze. In addition, through the implementation of Big Data in these systems, it is possible to analyze characteristic symptoms of the virus and contrast them with the general health status of the person to make a diagnosis.

One of the most innovative advances in this area is the detection of COVID through voice: through the use of AI, algorithms are able to analyze voice and cough patterns and detect whether these correspond to the symptoms of the virus.


The fight against COVID has highlighted the importance of research and the roel Artificial Intelligence plays in it. Through the processing of the information collected, companies from all over the world have developed a software that allows the contrast and analysis of everything related to COVID: symptoms, treatments, evolution of the virus…

In this sense, machine learning tools are vital. Through the use of artificial intelligence algorithms they have the ability to learn and reach their own conclusions, which greatly facilitates the work of researchers.

Video surveillance

During the pandemic, video surveillance has been essential to monitor the spread of the virus. To this end, security cameras equipped with artificial intelligence systems have been installed to identify citizens and keep an accurate account of the number of people in public spaces.

These types of solutions are designed to enable businesses and public venues to meet social distancing standards and maintain maximum occupancy, as well as a safer and healthier environment during the pandemic. As a general rule, these smart solutions can be implemented at entry points to areas with a higher probability of social interaction (shopping malls, supermarkets, movie theaters…).

Artificial intelligence is already an important part of our daily lives. This technology is here to stay and will continue to be integrated into our lives to move towards a more innovative, efficient and sustainable world.

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