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Spain’s main trading partners

A post about the regions that have a greater commercial flow with Spain, which will be a safe value when making investments or expanding your company and when making decisions regarding imports and exports in Spain.

Spain is a region with a very active and powerful foreign trade activity, even ranking in the top 20 of the main exporting countries worldwide. Its trading partners are mainly European, although the United States is also one of the most traded economies.

In Europe, the main countries to which Spain exports are France, Germany and Italy, while Spain imports from Germany, France and China the most.

Exports: from Spain to France

Exports to France increase every year for several reasons: firstly, the proximity of this country facilitates the process, and it becomes an important place of transit for part of the Spanish merchandise. In addition, the French market is very varied, therefore, the demand is also very wide. It is a large territory, with a great diversity and a favorable economy and there are not very intense or remarkable cultural differences, which makes the commercial flow between Spain and this country very beneficial.

Imports: from Germany to Spain

As for imports from Germany, industrial trade is key, and it is also a bilateral trade. The products that Spain imports most are the energy products, mainly oil, and these come from many countries, therefore, the reception of goods is more irregular. Capital goods, automobiles, automobile components, chemical products and industrial machinery are the products most imported from Germany.

If you want to take advantage of Spain’s close relationship with these countries and develop an expansion strategy or learn about all the possibilities on the international scene, contact us!