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Digitalization progress in the European Union

A post on post-pandemic digitalization progress published in the European Commission’s Digital Economy and Society Index.

The pandemic has been a catalyst for many processes that were already taking place before this event. The post-pandemic society seeks progress in sustainability, digitalization and advancement in multiple aspects. One of the ways to measure more concretely the progress in digitalization in the European Union is with the DESI (The Digital Economy and Society Index) that has been published in 2021.

One of the main objectives of this edition was to adapt to various initiatives in the framework of the Recovery Plan for Europe. So far this initiative has been a success and all Member States have earmarked a minimum of 20% of their Recovery Plan budget for digital developments. 


The results of this index lead us to draw several conclusions about the progress of digitalization in Spain and in the European Union:

Among all countries Spain ranks ninth in the ranking, this gives us a great advantage over the rest of the countries which could be of vital importance in the future. 

It has also been concluded that more than half of the European population has managed to develop basic digital skills, namely 56% of the population. It is crucial that this percentage is not only maintained but continues to increase.

One of the most notable improvements has been in connectivity capacity, however Europe is not yet at the same level as other areas of the world and it is a somewhat slower process in which rural areas are mainly involved.

One of the weakest points has been e-government services in digital public services, as this has not yet managed to improve although positive developments are expected in the future.

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