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Spain’s Priority Sectors: Life Sciences

Life sciences in Spain

❓Did you know…❓ … that Spain plans to invest $14.3 BILLION in science & innovation between 2020 and 2023 – and $1.2 B in 2021 alone? HUGE opportunities for companies working in ✅ biotech✅ pharmaceuticals✅ e-health Interested in entering the market? Don’t wait – this window of opportunity will be limited. Contact us for more […]

Spain’s Priority Sectors: Renewable Energies

Renewables in Spain

❓Did you know…❓ … that Spain expects a 74% increase in renewable energy production by 2030? Between 2021 and 2023 alone, Spain is expected to invest $3.8 BILLION in traditional renewables, and $1.9 BILLION in hydrogen energy. This means opportunities for companies working in: ✅renewable hydrogen✅EV solutions✅renewable infrastructure✅energy storage Do you work in one of these areas? […]

Spain’s Priority Sectors: Infrastructure

❓Did you know…❓ … that Spain plans to invest $12.3 BILLION in infrastructure in 2021?🚊In addition, $10.5 B from the COVID recovery funds (NextGeneration EU) will go to infrastructure resiliency.🌉This will present huge (literally!) opportunities for companies offering solutions in ✅ smart mobility✅ EV✅ cleantech Jump on this train! Contact us to find out how.

Spain’s Priority Sectors: Smart Cities

Smart cities

Spain will invest almost $15 BILLION in products and services related to the smart city sector between 2020 and 2023. Spending on digitalization (specifically for SMEs) and tourism promotion will be at the top of the agenda.

Spain’s Priority Sectors: Food & Beverage

food and beverage sector

❓ Did you know… ❓ … Spanish companies are expected to invest $158 MILLION in foodtech in 2021?🍽In addition, the major players in the meat sector in Spain have joined together to devise a plan to modernize the entire meat supply chain – a project valued at $4.2 BILLION.🥩 🍗🍖 Foreign companies working in ✔️ […]

Spain’s Priority Sectors: ICT

Artificial intelligence in the ICT sector in Spain

❓ Did you know…❓ … that Spanish companies expect to spend $53.5 BILLION on ICT technologies & services in 2021?📲We expect opportunities for companies working in:✔️ digitization✔️ cybersecurity✔️ automation✔️ AI✔️ cloud computing💻AND if you are looking to innovate in fintech, our new sandbox law makes Spain the perfect, low-risk environment!💳Contact us to find out how your […]

Spain’s Priority Sectors: Aerospace & Defense

aerospace sector

DID YOU KNOW… … that Spain is set to invest $193 BILLION in subsidies from the Aeronautical Technology Program? This will present countless opportunties for companies working in ICT, cybersecurity, or aerospace manufacturing! Contact us to learn how you can take advantage of this.

Spain’s Priority Sectors: Education

Spain's priority sectors: Education

DID YOU KNOW… …that Spain plans to invest $15 B in education between 2020 and 2023? This means that if you work in edtech, digitalization, or capacity building, Spain should be on your radar! Contact us to learn more!