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Madrid Nuevo Norte: Sustainability and opportunity

Sustainable urban development, full of business opportunities

A post about the ambitious and sustainable development project Madrid Nuevo Norte, which offers many business opportunities to investors and to companies in urban development, transportation, renewables, or sustainable development alike!

The Spanish Aerospace Sector is Soaring

The aerospace sector continues to grow in Spain. It is currently the 5th largest in Europe and the 8th worldwide. In 2018, revenue exceeded 11.8 billion euros, the highest ever recorded. The prioritization of research and development has been key in its growth, as aerospace companies have invested more than 10% of their revenue in […]

Spanish Export Excellence

If you missed our first post about Spain’s priority sectors, you can check it out here. It may surprise you to learn that Spain, land of sun and sangría, has the fastest growing of the major eurozone economies. Then again, it may not surprise you – Spanish products can increasingly be found all over the […]

Spain’s Strongest Sectors

Although people often speak of Spain’s fiestas and siestas, its economy is worth a mention, too: it is the 14th largest economy worldwide and the 4th in the EU. Last year, Spain saw its economy grow by 2.5%, making it the fastest growing of the main eurozone economies. What is driving this economic growth? Aerospace […]

The Internet of Things in Spain

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a seemingly ubiquitous term that most of us have heard, but how many can define it? According to Deloitte, IoT “connects the digital and physical worlds by collecting, measuring, and analyzing data to predict and automate business processes.” In other words, devices (appliances, computers, tablets, heating systems, electronics, lights) […]

Spain’s Investment in Data Protection

As we move towards a future increasingly dominated by the internet and its applications, our data has developed great value. We now face the challenge of protecting it. Cybersecurity is quickly becoming a priority for both the public and the  private sectors: in 2017, there were more than 123,000 cybersecurity incidents in Spain, and it’s […]

Allyship – the Key to Unlocking the Power of Diversity

One of the highlights of the Digital Enterprise Show in Madrid this past 21st-23rd of May was a lecture by Sheree Atcheson, Deloitte UK’s Technology Respect & Inclusion Manager, on the importance of diversity in technological companies. She shared some staggering statistics about inclusion in the workplace: women in the tech field are outnumbered four […]

New Ways to Finance for SMEs

The Digital Enterprise Show, held from May 21st-23rd at IFEMA in Madrid, is the world’s leading event on digital transformation. It was an opportunity to browse booths of major technology-driven companies in Spain and to hear a series of conferences and lectures on digitalization, including a round table discussion hosted by David Pereira, Director of […]

MWC Barcelona is back!

The largest event for the world mobile industry, Mobile World Congress, starts again in Barcelona.

Cleantech: A Growing Market in Spain

Spain has one of the most desirable renewable energy markets in Europe, and has been ranked the 6th most environmentally-friendly nation in the world.