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Public Sector

We enhance the outreach of public institutions and agencies in charge of promoting internationalization. We are fully familiar with the public sector and its challenges thanks to years of experience. We have worked for both Spanish and foreign organizations


We are used to working with companies whose technology is their best USP in international markets: companies participating in EU research projects. 

Engineering, Industry and Construction

We have many years’ experience with companies in multiple fields of engineering and industry, as well as close relationships with the main associations in the sector.

Education & Training

Training is one of the areas in which Gedeth’s people are most experienced. Teaching, events and internationalisation of the sector are among our specialities.

Food & Beverage

Spanish food and beverage products stand out worldwide for their extreme competitiveness, with quality on a par with the best in the world but for a fraction of the price of leading global competitors. Spain’s extraordinary culinary prestige is a great opportunity for exporters.

Services & other Sectors

At Gedeth we are excited by the opportunities for service companies in international markets, although many think export is for manufacturers of physical products and not applicable to them. The variety of activities with international potential is too wide to summarize.

Associations & Chambers

We are partners and collaborators of numerous multinational chambers of commerce and business organisations dedicated to promoting knowledge and exchange between different countries.

Adela Conde

Senior Business Consultant

e-mail: adela.conde@gedeth.com
Phone: +34 910 74 71 48

Álvaro Marino

Senior Business Consultant

e-mail: alvaro.marino@gedeth.com
Phone: +34 910 74 71 48

Milos Dragic

Senior Business Consultant

e-mail: milos.dragic@gedeth.com
Phone: +34 910 74 71 48

Quality and continuous improvement is a fundamental pillar in Gedeth Network. That is why, since 2021, we have implemented a systematised method (Net Promoter Score-NPS) to know how our clients value our services.

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*NPS: Net Promoter Score

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