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Why should you work with an internationalization consultancy?

If you have ever wondered if it is worth having the advice of a private company or a consultancy when carrying out your internationalization process, this is your post!

On many occasions we offer our services and companies do not know what kind of advantages they can get by working with an internationalization consultancy. The advantages are many and in this post we tell you some of them: 

Ease: Entering an unknown market for the first time involves many complicated tasks. The difficulty involved in having to be informed and be aware of each of the details to be taken into account during the internationalization process involves a large expenditure of time and resources that any company that decides to rely on us will be saving.

Efficiency: Being a private consultancy our main interest is to increase the sales of the companies we work with. In other cases it is possible that the only function of a consultancy is to accompany during the process, however, we focus on results and guarantee efficiency as it is the best way we have to achieve benefits. 

From the inside: It would not make much sense to try to understand a foreign market without moving from Spain. At Gedeth we are represented in more than 70 countries. By having our consultants in each of the target markets, we know perfectly the competition, the buyers and how the product works in that place. 

Specialization: Our consultants have more than 20 years of experience so we know each sector in detail. The most common sectors to work with in internationalization are technology and food. However, we have worked with all types of products and services and know how to deal with each case individually and specifically. 

Do you still think that having qualified specialists is not the best way to guarantee the success of your internationalization project? If you have any doubts, please contact us!