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Drive Your International Growth with Our Commercial Outsourcing Service

Are you looking to transform your fixed costs into variable costs? In our internationalization consulting, we offer you the perfect solution: Commercial Outsourcing. Now you can have an experienced export department at your disposal on-demand, only when your project requires it.

We outsource all the functions of an international department, including market research, promotion, negotiation with clients and suppliers, and much more. With a strong network of collaborators across all five continents, we maximize our global connections to your advantage.

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Juan Millán

CEO & Founder

He has more than 25 years of experience in the business world as a business development and investment attraction consultant. He is a senior partner of IBG Global and a member of different boards of directors.


Thanks to Austrade’s recommendation, Elite Pool Covers decided to rely on Gedeth’s team to find Spanish distributors for the Australian fabric manufacturing company, used for high-end pool covers. Gedeth carried out the search for companies through the efforts of our outstanding commercial advisor ;Alvaro Marino, who was able to accompany Elite throughout the process and ensured Gedeth’s role in future international expansion projects for Elite.


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