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Gedeth Research Center

Gedeth Research Center (GRC) was born out of our dual vocation: providing training and creating knowledge. Drawing from decades of experience in international trade, multinational expansion, global commerce, cross-cultural business, export strategy, and import regulations, the Gedeth team possesses valuable insights into the elaboration of information on markets, sectors, and business climate. This knowledge has been captured in global surveys, investment barometers, market studies, or country/city guides (branding).Our collective knowledge, enriched by that of academic partners and start-up accelerators, has enabled us to create innovative trade and export training programs. By combining both, we aim to expand the reach of our experience and provide it to our clients.

Gina Bowman


She has over 25 years’ experience in marketing and communications strategy in the commercial, government and creative sectors in Australia and the UK. She has a degree in communications and a Masters in Project Management from the University of Sydney.

Global Studies

Being one of the few consultancies with the capacity to offer a global vision, Gedeth conducted a study of the impact of COVID on international business. 

Using our powerful software and experience in data management, we contacted 10,000 companies and organisations worldwide and analysed responses from 80 countries.

The result allows us to see the evolution in the perception of companies/institutions on the impact on international business.

Investment Barometers

Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) choose Gedeth for its familiarity with both private and public sector organisations involved in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

In this way, we can assist in the design of questionnaires, the collection of databases, the management of interviews with key stakeholders and the analysis of the data to draw relevant conclusions.

Ad hoc/Customised Market and Sector reports

In order to develop their business proposition and marketing plans, promotion agencies require up-to-date knowledge of markets and sectors in order to make decisions about their promotion and business policies.

This wealth of market and sector knowledge has enabled us to produce customised reports for our clients on subjects such as #smartcities and #food&beverage.

Training and Mentoring

At Gedeth we have the social commitment to share our experience of more than 20 years working with companies and governments in internationalisation. Our team already collaborates as teachers, speakers, mentors or facilitators in different Business Schools, Business Associations or in-company trainings.

We decided to go a step further and internally structure the knowledge to share it in different formats: workshops, online pills, in-company training, mentoring with our product or in collaboration with leading experts. We operate online and/or face-to-face depending on the topic and the partner.


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