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Recovery of the Spanish fashion sector (II)

Second part of the post “recovery of the Spanish fashion sector”, in which we review the situation of this sector in Spain and the trends and opportunities that will redefine this industry in the future. 

The Spanish fashion of the future will be marked by two key trends: sustainability and internationalization. Both will be essential for the recovery of the fashion industry, but they will also mark the path that companies will follow in the future to adapt to progress and move forward positively. 


In this sector as in many others, quality will be prioritized over quantity. Producing sustainable fashion will be essential to keep up and compete with the rest of the brands. Both emerging designers and consumers are taking greater responsibility in this regard, and in the future, environmentally friendly textile production will be a top priority. 


Taking advantage of exports is one of the most common trends in several sectors to get out of the crisis, especially in this sector. Thanks to foreign trade, Spanish fashion is able to adapt to different situations and always come out stronger. A large number of advances and opportunities that will arise in the future will be related to the commitment to internationalization, which will also help Spain to regain the position that belongs to it in the field of fashion worldwide. This will be the best option for companies to boost sales and increase their visibility. 

Although we are living through a time of uncertainty for the textile sector, Spain is optimistic about recovery and both textile recycling and exports will be key elements to relaunch the industry. 

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