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SMEs can also export

Do you have a SME and you do not think you can export? In this post we tell you why it is possible and even necessary for you to do so!

Sometimes people have the impression that exporting or internationalization is an opportunity exclusively for large companies that are well established in local markets. However, exporting is one of the economic pillars of our country and is not reserved exclusively for large companies.

In 2020, 21.86% of Spanish SMEs were exporting and according to the survey “Digital and global: the future of Spanish small businesses” by Alibaba Group, during this year 39% of Spanish small businesses expected to start exporting.

On the other hand, companies that export are the ones that best withstand crises. Both to increase their resilience and to accelerate subsequent recovery. The possibility of entering new markets could provide SMEs with a stability that sometimes cannot be achieved by relying solely on the local market.

In addition, the image projected by a company with sales abroad can be much more solid and reliable. The prestige of a company plays a very important role for potential customers and the “international” seal could be the differentiating advantage that makes them choose your company over the competition.

Thanks to an international strategy you could even see a strengthening in the competitiveness of your products, both in quality and price. The number of competitors increases but so does the extensive knowledge of the market.

As you have seen, starting to sell in international markets offers many advantages for large companies as well as for small and medium-sized ones. You don’t know how to start doing it? That’s what we are here for! We can help you develop your business thanks to our representation in more than 70 countries. Contact us.