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 Renewable Energy in Spain: Next Generation EU and Beyond.

In the quest for a sustainable future, Spain is emerging as an inspiring model of progress. The nation is witnessing a profound transformation driven by substantial investments in renewable energy, supported by the European Union’s Next Generation EU program. With a dedicated allocation of €65 billion, Spain is leading a green revolution that aims to reduce its dependency on coal and fossil fuels while pioneering the adoption of renewable energy sources.

Spain’s Renewable Energy Landscape

The heart of Spain’s green transformation lies in its renewable energy sector. In 2022, Spain experienced a remarkable surge in renewable power capacity, with a 9.1% increase in installed renewable power, adding an impressive 5,899 MW to its energy mix. Today, renewable energy installations constitute a substantial 59.2% of Spain’s electricity generation capacity.

At the forefront of this growth is the tremendous expansion of solar photovoltaic energy, which contributed a staggering 4,498 MW, representing an astonishing 76.3% of the new capacity. This historic achievement propelled solar power ahead of hydroelectricity, making it the third-largest power generation source, accounting for 16.6% of Spain’s total installed capacity. Wind energy, while adding 1,400 MW of additional renewable capacity, retains its position as the leading technology, constituting 25.2% of Spain’s national power generation.

The European Union’s Next Generation EU program has been a game-changer for Spain’s renewable energy aspirations. It has provided the country with a substantial budget of €65 billion, empowering Spain to take bold steps towards a sustainable future. This initiative is not only about revitalising economies but also about advancing critical agendas, including green and digital transitions, economic and social resilience, and flagship investment and reform projects. As we look into Spain’s journey toward a greener future, let’s explore how the Next Generation EU program aligns with and propels Spain’s green revolution.

Green Transition: A Top Priority

The European Commission’s assessment finds that Spain’s plan devotes a substantial 40% of its total allocation to measures supporting climate objectives. These measures include a wide range of initiatives aimed at reducing carbon emissions, promoting sustainable mobility, enhancing energy efficiency in buildings, decarbonizing industries, and decreasing energy dependency.

One key aspect of Spain’s green transition is the deployment of new technologies for green hydrogen and renewable energy sources. These investments are pivotal in accelerating the shift towards cleaner and more sustainable energy generation. Additionally, Spain’s plan includes measures to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change by preserving coastal spaces, ecosystems, and biodiversity. It also underscores the importance of a circular economy by improving water and waste management practices.

Spain’s Path to a Sustainable Future

In 2022, Spain’s commitment to renewable energy was further validated as it became the second European nation in terms of installed renewable power capacity, trailing only behind Germany. This achievement also led to Spain becoming a net exporter of energy, especially to France and Portugal, marking a significant turning point since 2015.

As we look ahead to 2023, Spain is poised for a groundbreaking year in its ecological transition. Estimates by Red Eléctrica indicate that renewable energy could account for 50% of the annual electricity generation, with wind and solar contributing to a potential 42%. During the presentation of Red Eléctrica’s reports for 2022, Secretary of State for Energy Sara Aagesen emphasised the immense potential of this energy transition, highlighting its benefits for citizens and businesses while underlining the importance of environmental considerations.

Redeia’s President, Beatriz Corredor, echoed this sentiment, emphasising that 2023 holds great promise for Spain’s ecological transition. She emphasised the critical role of the transport network in the country’s energy transformation, highlighting that «without a network, there are no renewables or ecological transitions.» 

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Malaga: A Smart City Leading the Way

One outstanding example of Spain’s dedication to green energy and sustainability is Malaga’s transformation into a smart city. This initiative, launched in 2009 and completed in 2013, achieved significant milestones. Notably, it resulted in a remarkable 25% reduction in electricity consumption within the city. This feat was made possible through the implementation of energy monitoring systems and the active management of energy demand for both industrial and residential users.

For residents, the benefits were even more pronounced, with a 42% decrease in energy consumption among collaborators. This achievement was facilitated by the use of domestic energy efficiency kits that allowed users to manage their energy expenditure from anywhere in the world through a smartphone. Moreover, this initiative has resulted in the avoidance of 4,500 tons of CO2 emissions annually.

Opportunities for Entrepreneurs and Businesses

The green transition presents a wealth of opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses. Spain’s commitment to renewable energy, particularly solar power, opens doors for those keen on participating in the green energy sector. Whether you’re contemplating starting a business or establishing a company in Spain, the renewable energy industry offers an inviting path for growth and success.

As Spain continues its journey towards a greener future, Gedeth Network stands ready to assist entrepreneurs and businesses in seizing the emerging opportunities. With over 1,000 companies advised on internationalisation processes, Gedeth has a proven track record in facilitating global market penetration and entry into foreign markets.

In conclusion, Spain’s dedication to renewable energy, backed by the EU’s Next Generation EU program, is paving the way for a sustainable future. The growth in solar power capacity, the transformation of cities like Malaga into smart hubs, and Gedeth Network’s support for internationalisation collectively make Spain an enticing destination for entrepreneurs and businesses aiming to flourish in the green energy revolution. With a potential 50% renewable energy generation on the horizon, Spain is indeed at the forefront of a sustainable future.